Forget About Cougars. He Married a Panther!

That's what my husband says about me. His comment is equal parts humor (he thinks I'm cute when I get fired up) and truth. I found my voice later in life, but once I did, there was nothing that was going to shut me up. The issues that are relevant to me as a black American and the stories of people of color are worth telling to everyone. Colorism, prejudice and systemic inequity extend far beyond the borders of the United States. And, thanks to the internet, in just a few keystrokes, we can access video, articles and local news affecting the lives of people of color around the world. I think that is incredible and it has changed the way I view my life purpose. So I talk. A lot.

I am on a mission to share information with as many people as I can, to provide the larger context of the difficulties happening across the globe; connecting with others in one-on-one conversations or through my blog (with plans to reach even large audiences). The medium in which the message is delivered may vary, which is fine by me, as long as the content gets to its intended audience. Now I have to say, I'm not a fan of labels - cougar, panther or anything else. But, if I must identify/label myself, it would be a person that cares about the present and future of my fellow human beings and is not afraid to talk about the challenges and opportunities before us, particularly in the U.S. Yep, label me a caring human. I can live with that moniker.

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Always the best,