Spiritual Food - A New Way of Being

Up to this point, I have focused the majority of my posts on social issues, current events, and entrepreneurship. However, with this post, we are making an 180-degree turn toward metaphysical and spiritual matters. For the people that know me best, this is no surprise as they are keenly aware that I'm ever searching for answers. I read the Bible and other ancient texts, study early civilizations, religions, and watch theoretical videos/documentaries. Meditation and yoga are also employed. All in the effort to understand the essence of human beings. 

In my view, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but we have forgotten that fact. We more easily identify with the human experience, and for that reason, we are disconnected from our spiritual selves and creative capabilities. Doing life, I mean the routine of it, has the potential to lull us to sleep - get up, go to work, feed, acquire stuff and repeat. Every so often deeper, more meaningful desires bubble up, but we don't know how to uncover the answers. Our old patterns kick back in, and so we go back to sleep. Day after day, year after year doing the same things until we experience another call from our authentic selves to wake up, investigate what we need to focus our energy on and then do it. If we don't respond to the call, it's back to sleepwalking once again. So for the sake of balance, here is where I say that there is nothing inherently wrong with stuff or enjoying what this life has to offer. However, doing so is not your only reason for being here. You and I have a mission. A purpose that we are to fulfill and it has nothing at all to do with creature comforts. 


A New Reality

The particular focus of your life is yours to figure out, but what I can say is that you are meant to be the superhero in the story. Your life is governed more by your inner feelings and thoughts than external influences. Those of us that understand that truth will begin to operate differently, to cultivate a new reality, and thus change our external environment. I'd like to give you some personal examples. 

Example #1: When my husband and I were first married, we lived in a tiny studio apartment in Miami Beach. One of our neighbors kept crazy hours - I think he was a bartender - and almost every night, starting around 2 am, he would come home and play the same song over and over again. I assume it was his way of unwinding. However, it had the opposite effect on me (a lite sleeper), a person that needs total silence. Can you imagine Welcome to the Hotel California playing on a loop, every night? It was torture. 

Being young and newly married, we had zero savings. We lived off of love and canned goods from the church :). I got the idea in my mind that we were going to move. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I knew it was going to happen. And, my husband would get annoyed with me whenever I talked about it. He would ask me for details and point out the facts, like our lack of funds. It didn't matter. I knew we were moving.  How it was to happen was irrelevant. It was one of my first experiences with my potential to create a better reality. In truth, we all have the ability to change the narrative of our stories. The origin point for changing your world starts with what you believe in your heart, see with your mind's eye and speak with your mouth. And yes, we did move. A job opportunity literally came to our front door through a series of circumstances I could not have orchestrated if I tried.  


Example #2: My husband and I were contemplating a move to Minnesota to be closer to his family. By this time we had been married for a few years and had saved a little bit of money. Not a lot, but some. We visited Minnesota, and during our stay, my husband was guaranteed a job and the opportunity to purchase a house presented itself. All the signs were pointing toward this new adventure. We liked the city, the people, even the weather. Being able to purchase our own home wasn't on our radar, but when the possibility presented itself, it felt right. When we got back from our trip, I reviewed our finances. Frankly, there weren't a lot of places in our spending that we could make cuts to save enough money for a down payment. In spite of the concrete evidence telling me it wasn't possible to save up enough money in the timeframe we targeted for a move, I knew it would happen. How it was to happen was irrelevant. The best way I can describe what happened with our finances was that the money just kept multiplying. We moved to a new city and bought our first home.

I also wanted to have a job before we got there. My better half and I were discussing my desire when the idea to pitch to my boss opening a home-based office came up. I created a proposal, showing how it would be done and the potential within the Minnesota market. At the time all of this was happening I was studying the Bible, in particular, the book of Nehemiah which was all about Nehemiah making an unusual request to the king. Just as Nehemiah's request was granted, I took that as a confirmation that my request would also be awarded. I began to see it, meditate on it and speak about it as if it had already occurred. And it did.  


What do these examples have to do with spirituality? Everything

Today, we are talking about tapping into higher levels of thinking and being, knowing that there is nothing (and no one) preventing you from achieving what is meant to be accomplished in your life. That is a spiritual principle. When tapped into the right avenues for you, things fall into place. Another principle. It isn't a matter of you manipulating anything, wrestling with the outcome you desire or needlessly worrying about stuff. Get in "The Flow." Think of it as your vehicle; all gassed up, with pre-programmed coordinates to your destination. Your job (and mine) is simply to attune yourself to that fact, knowing you will be transported where you're meant to go.  It's straightforward and yet complicated at the same time because our nature is to be in control. To do something. We haven't built up our spiritual muscles enough to trust and understand that we are supported at every step along this journey. It's time to pivot.


Final Thoughts

There are many other examples that I can provide. I bet, if you were to think about it, you could probably identify some too. Times when you were in the flow. That does not mean that unexpected or painful things won't occur. They will, and there's a lesson that comes from those experiences, but that's a post for another day. At this moment the point that I want to get across is for us to realize is that this life is supposed to be easier than we are allowing it to be. It's time to free yourself from should's, how's, why's, and the false idea that you need to make things happen. Accept the assistance that presents itself in your life. Resist less and begin to say yes more. 


On my journey, it's important to travel light. I am not meant to get attached to any one place as we tend to uproot often. I don't understand why that is, and frankly, I've stopped asking. Why is another one of those irrelevant questions. The important thing is for me to be flexible. Hindsight is a great spiritual teacher! It shows me that I have always been cared for in every environment. When I come into a new place, it is to assist others in becoming their highest and best self. Also, to personify love, honesty, encouragement, and kindness. In turn, those folks are meant to treat others as they are learning to be treated by me. I grow from these exchanges, engaging with different types of people, and sometimes more challenging circumstances. It provides me the opportunity to lean further into my spiritual walk, to seek answers on how I can connect with others lovingly and authentically. 


What's your unique assignment? That's a great question to ask. Rest assured, those that ask receive, seekers find the answers, and for those that knock on the door of spiritual knowledge, it will open. When you do this, your life will change. 


Always the best,