This is Jeopardy (kind of): We already know the answers. It’s the questions that we’re struggling to get right.

First, let me say, I haven’t been indulging in alcohol or drugs nor have I lost my marbles - yet. However, when I say we already know the answers, it's true, we do. They present themselves in the form of our desires, dreams, visions, and hopes. The challenge we face is that we don’t know how to make them manifest, so we expend an enormous amount of energy focusing on the wrong stuff. It is my belief that we approach informational blockages in a way that conflicts with the principles that govern our lives. We have to upgrade our understanding and in some cases, relearn the foundational principles of life. In doing so, we gain a greater insight into ourselves and where to place our efforts/energy.

Are you asking the right questions?

If you're not sure how to respond to that, it's okay. The fact that you are here, right now, reading this post is the starting point to understand the importance of the story you've created for your life (i.e., the framework). To get the maximum benefit from this information, we have to lay a proper foundation. And there are two key points to grab ahold of; the first, life is meant to work to your advantage; secondly, you have a tremendous amount of influence over the direction. We are going to focus on these two concepts and the correlation they have to your framework and the expression of your story; meaning how you have wired and conditioned yourself to think and what to expect.

It’s time to take stock of your life. Examine what is or is not currently working for you. Get reacquainted with your desires, and ask yourself if you're achieving what you set out to do. Is the desire still present? Has it changed or diminished? If yes, see if you can pinpoint the root cause. This work will make it easier for you to recognize if you’re on-track, off-course or need to rethink your vision. Remember, even slight deviations from your truest path, over time, will become significant so asking the right questions is one of the tools, like an antenna, which will help you pick up the subtle signals and fine-tune your focus. Clarity of thought, purpose, and vision is crucial - directing our energy and efforts where they will be most effective.

Some questions increase your understanding, others do the opposite, clouding your vision. That tells us that the way in which we construct our questions is important. So, while it is essential to seek out information to advance in the direction of our dreams, without applying this understanding, the result is often confusion. A lot of people arrive at this point and simply give up, frustrated by their lack of progress. I wrote a post titled A New Way of Being in which I shared the concept of irrelevant questions. I would encourage you to go back and read that, in the context of the examples I provided, then come back here to continue reading this post. Okay, so you read the post. What are the next steps? That’s a great question!

 Little Lord Murphy

Little Lord Murphy

#1 It is essential for our growth to understand that we are secure

Security is a concept I am trying to teach my dog right now. Yes, my dog. Murphy is the most adorable Boxer, about three years old. We rescued him several months ago, and I love him to bits, but he has one problem. A big one. He has a security issue that comes out when he is around other people (mostly males) and dogs. In the process of trying to train Murphy, we have learned a lot about his insecurities, needs, and desires. He, in turn, has figured out that he has a good thing going with us. However, he wants to protect his good thing and so tries to keep anyone and anything he believes to be a threat away from my husband, and I. Murphy sees himself as the one that must protect us. We are attempting to teach him that is, in fact, not the case. I’m hopeful that we can help him to enjoy our pack. Right now, he is stressed out whenever we go for walks or rides. He’s always on alert and ready to fight off danger. He reminds me of people that feel they must be on top of everything, and in control at all times. And a job is not done right unless they’ve done it or inspected it to ensure everything is okay. They’re usually stressed out by even the little things!I was one of those people. In the case of Murphy, the poor guy is exhausted from constantly having to be on-guard. It’s not good for him, and worst of all the things he is worried about (some of them) aren’t real and the others aren’t his concern. My husband and I are his security and nothing will infringe upon the good thing that he’s got going on in our pack.

Since Murph doesn’t know how to read, I can’t direct him to Psalm 23; one of the most well-known passages of scripture in the Bible. People gravitate to it, particularly in times of difficulty. However, the principles of the 23rd Psalm are meant to be applied at all times. If you take the time to meditate on the message, it's clear that the promises cover all aspects of life, and the privileges span the entirety of our days. When we have that knowledge, and operate from that place of security, there are certain areas in our lives of which we no longer feel compelled to control or inquire. Yours is not to ask, how are things going to happen? That’s not your concern. You are secure and supported in this life. What that means for you and me is that we can expect the details to work themselves out. When we stop asking security (fear) based questions, it is a signal that you and I are accepting of the help that is readily available to us.

For some folks, those that are used to being in control, this is a difficult concept. If that describes you in some way, take the time to explore the thoughts and the feelings that accompany the reasons you believe you have to manage every detail of your experience. It’s best to address it now. If not, you can expect it to resurface at some point in the future. What I can offer in the way of assistance is for you to think about the areas in life that we all take for granted. A fundamental example is breathing. It is essential for life, yet we don’t think about it or try to make it happen. It spontaneously occurs, and we accept that fact without playing a role in the process. An example outside of yourself would be the sun. It rises and sets daily. None of us can live without it, yet we barely even think about it (unless you're stuck inside, at work). The sun does its job, and we are the benefactors. We trust that these things will happen - we breathe, and the sun rises and sets. Try to approach the concept of security from that frame of mind. Life really is meant to work to your advantage so let go of the parts that have already been worked out for you. The energy that you will free up when you release these “concerns” will allow you more clearly to see your path and enjoy your life.

#2 Your inquiries, just like your thoughts, have a creative ability; they attract or repel

Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.
— Steve Jobs

When you have done a personal inventory and the internal work presented in the first concept, then you are ready to direct your full attention toward your desires. Notice I wrote full-attention. At this point, you're ready to ask key questions to gain the knowledge you need to progress in your life. Again, this is internal work. You already have a connection to the answers. Sometimes you haphazardly stumble upon them, unknowingly asking the right questions. Another way you receive information is intuitively. These are the times when it just comes to you by way of a feeling or simply knowing something; instead of doubting it you act on it. You are meant to operate with that level of clarity all the time. So, from today forward, we’re going to be intentional about what we ask and what we do. Remember, you have a tremendous amount of influence over the direction of your life.

But, why?

The question of why is tricky. It's not that you should never ask this type of question, the key is to know how to use it. You must examine the motives and the feelings associated with the inquiry because these questions are often framed within the victim-mentality construct. Why is this happening to me? Why do I attract…? I don't deserve…why is she/he doing this to me? Why is something working for this person or that person, but not for me? You get the idea. So, what’s the story you’ve been creating for yourself? Take the time to sit quietly for a few minutes, ask and wait.

If you find a victim storyline then it’s time to start telling yourself some new things. And, every time that victim narrative pops into your mind replace it with the opposite. For example, you might have said to yourself, “I always have the worst luck.” Victim alert! It’s time to drown out that noise with positive self-talk and encouragement. You might say, “I’ve often told myself that I have the worst luck, but that’s not true. I’ve had some really positive things happen in my life (remind yourself of a few). From today on I expect great things to take place in my life.” As you become more aware of your thoughts, begin to replace the ones that are harmful with positive ones. Believe and speak good things over yourself. Gaining control of your mind is key to moving forward in this life.

What does my vision feel like? Recognize your feelings as an indicator of what you want to produce in your life. Writing my blog creates a tremendous amount of satisfaction. I enjoy sharing my life, as well as content that I hope will help other people. I spend a significant amount of time thinking about, researching or writing my blog. Review your day, what you’re putting your time into and how it makes you feel. If you find the day produces very little satisfaction and that is a running theme in certain areas, then it’s time to pivot. You may need to make some adjustments in your mental approach or the environment itself. Also, know that your vision does not have to be highly detailed. You may envision yourself as an entrepreneur, but not have any other details at this time. That’s okay. Allow yourself to get comfortable with the idea of being self-employed or a mega-mogul as a starting point and build off of that. Keep visioning, feeling and creating a picture in your mind. You will find that your inner-world and outer world will start to converge as you change your focus.

What do I need to release to manifest my vision? Ask and wait. Often to get to the next level means shedding the things that no longer are necessary. Here too, we have some exploratory work to do to try and figure out what we have become attached to and learn to release it. This does not always mean material possessions. It can be mindsets, illusions of how things should be, and cares about what other people think.

Final Thoughts

In the title of this post, I referenced the game show Jeopardy. The contestants are presented with the answers, and must phrase their responses in the form of questions. Like the television show, you and I already have the answers. It’s really never about the answers. We’re seeking the manifestation of our desires. Through the process of seeking we fine-tuning our approach to life, and become much more present while walking our path. The ultimate prize is that we transform - fully connect to our authentic self - and so too does our external world.

Start here and, you will begin to recognize your voice, learn to trust yourself, and formulate new questions. Lean into the things that are meant to manifest in your life.

Always the best,