The Path is Diverging: It's Time to Choose Your Direction


You've probably felt for some time now that you want to make changes. It's not just you. There is a universal call that has gone out, and a lot of people have been (internally) debating about what they need to be doing at this time in their lives. If that describes your situation, be encouraged because decision time has finally come! The path you have been traveling splits just ahead of you, and it's time to decide if you will head in a new direction.


Know that both directions have something for you so you cannot make a "wrong" choice as long as you are not holding yourself back due to fear, disbelief or a victim mentality. A divergent path signifies opportunity. A chance for you to do things differently. The choice may be to change your mindset, old habits, or be willing to uproot from a physical location, whether that be a job or home. Relationships can start, stop, or evolve too. It's really up to you. The point to understand is that your heart has been trying to capture your attention. Listen to your heart's desires and then pursue them. The vision you have for your life, your passions, and the things that excite you are just ahead.


It is my hope that you will pursue the road that you have been dreaming about and have secretly yearned to materialize for such a long time. Remember that if you go for it that you are supported every step of the way (See my post Spiritual Food). Also, the creative thoughts you have are an indication of your soul's purpose. The fact that you see big things playing out in your mind's eye is another clue to the fact that your internal compass is set toward that goal. Answer the call from deep within your heart. You will not regret it! 


Always the best,