Intentional Living: Finding Your Way in 2018

Like many of you, I promised myself that I would achieve big things this year. Some of my commitments are related to wellness, and business, others to relationships and community.  For the blog, it's to speak my message with authenticity and precision, knowing that those seeking to find their way will connect with it. 


Where Do I Start? 

Often people who wish to make significant moves in their life get tripped up on the enormity of it all. Some respond by making radical changes to everything; diet, daily routine, appearance, and relationships. Attempting to speed up the manifestation of something different. Others take a more methodical approach, creating a to-do list of items to complete; do yoga, learn to meditate, think positive thoughts, be kind to others, and more. Now, all of these are good and potentially good for you, but they may not be the place for you to begin. There is a lot to be said for simplicity especially in finding your way. So let's start with the basics. 


A good entry point is to acknowledge changes are necessary. Bring it on, you say. Great! But to be clear this is not just about your external circumstances. Those may change, however what I am referring to is an internal revolution, and nothing is off limits. The first thing you will need is a commitment, to be honest with yourself. After all, the truth is a bedrock principle (love is another) on which a seeker should build. 


Next, set your intention from the outset knowing that you have a choice as to how this process will unfold. You can choose to dig in, leaving no stone unturned. But, take note of how that makes you feel and the visual it produces in your mind's eye. Both imply hard labor, and that does not have to be the case. You can choose to embrace this with a sense of wonder, and adventure. I hope you can see and feel the difference in these approaches. Choose wisely. The choice of how you look at things and what it feels like will present itself many times on your journey.  


Are You Ready to Explore?

Ready to understand how you arrived at this place in your life? 
The realization that its time for significant change does not happen by chance, accident or coincidence.  Set those thoughts aside and welcome this opportunity to explore your emotions. Human beings tend to avoid uncomfortable feelings - dissatisfaction, frustration, grief, fear, failure, and about a dozen others. Do not rush through this moment as if it were an item on your to-do list. Metaphorically speaking you are a cup of steaming hot water, and the situation creating your desire (receptivity) to change is a tea bag. Allow it to steep, to release the full range of favor (knowledge). 


This exercise will bring you that much closer to understanding how you think, the role of the ego, and what you believe about yourself. It will also highlight any misconceptions you hold, and reveal the next steps to take on your journey. Extracting that information is dependent on you. Permit yourself to take as much time as you need to get it. But not a second more. Over-steeped tea imparts bitterness. The spiritual application is much the same. 


A Profoundly Personal Experience

Discovering your story, and motivation is a solo mission. Seeking advice is okay. However, if that is the first place you go, consider the fact that you could be asking for help when the situation requires introspection. Also, not everyone in your life will understand or have the ability to guide you. That's just the way it works. A rare few will get you. Finding someone that you can share your story with is a treat. When that happens, enjoy it. Those interactions encourage, and sometimes strengthen you for the journey ahead.  

On my journey, I immersed myself in various beliefs and religious practices. Spending years in some places and only months in others. Each experience and the people I met along the way enriched my perspective on life. However, none of them had the key to unlock the mysteries of who I was or what I wanted. When I stopped looking outside of myself for those answers, my entire world changed. 


Now What?

We covered four principles that will get you started. It's up to you to stay engaged in the process. Listen carefully and be observant to what is happening in your world. That is how you achieve clarity and expand your understanding of what you want and how to get it. Remember, the key to your transformation resides within you. Seek for it there. 


You will be challenged (in the best possible sense of the word) to act upon your findings. And, that is where we will pick up in the next post.


Conceive. Believe. And, achieve great things! 


Always the best,