Intentional Living: Get Truly Motivated

One month down, eleven more to go before 2018 comes to an end.  Now I know what you're thinking, slow down Angel, it's only February! I will agree that the year is still young. But you and I both know time flies, so let's not waste any of it. The sooner you start, the better off you'll be - mentally, financially, relationally. The benefits are too numerous to list them all, but you get the idea. 


Each year, we get all excited about what will happen beginning January 1st. We commit to eating healthier, dropping bad habits and slimming down. Finding that awesome new job or switching careers is also on the radar. We're ready to pounce, doing whatever it takes to create the life we want. Initially. But chances are the enthusiasm for your new year's resolutions is fading. If you're nodding in agreement, then it's time to go deeper. 


Help! I'm Losing Momentum

There could be a dozen reasons the fire is dying out. However, today I want to highlight two specific possibilities. The first, what you have decided to pursue is not that important to you, at least not at this time.  You have identified a hope not a goal. And the proof that these pursuits aren't a priority is in the fact that they're falling by the wayside just one month into the new year. If that is the case, consider yourself released from it and move on. Honestly, don't waste your time thinking about things you wanted to do, but never got around to doing. And then feeling bad about it. Apply your energy elsewhere because you have yet to connect to your motivating force. 


Top athletes provide an excellent example of this concept. They are relentless in their endeavors. The embodiment of what you and I would consider highly motivated people. Of all sports, tennis is by far my favorite. Growing up in the era of Venus and Serena Williams, it has been remarkable to witness their success. In particular, Serena Williams trajectory to mega-stardom is an incredible lesson in hard work and determination. In interviews, Serena as well as her mother Oracene, have stated that she hates to lose (almost more than she enjoys winning). Her mother once said, "Serena would beat me if I were on the other side of the net." I'd say that is a high level of focus and drive!  When you're ready to steamroll your mother in pursuit of your goal, then revisit it. 


The other reason you've lost momentum is that the journey requires more than you realized. At this point, you can justify returning to old habits. After all, you haven't invested too much time, energy or money. However, I encourage you to continue. It's worth it. If you maintain this new approach, you will reach a tipping point. Knowing that although you're not at the finish line, you're too far in to stop now. I have experienced this myself.


There was a time while pursuing my associate's degree that I hit a wall. I was about two-thirds of the way finished with my courses when my father passed away. Not only was I depressed, but I was also fed up with reading textbooks, writing papers, taking tests, and traveling to the hospital to complete clinical rotations. I just wanted to quit. The problem with that was I couldn't justify it. I had invested too much. 


The pursuit of this goal had changed my mindset. It also helped me to understand my "why." My motivation. Although it was tough, and it was, giving up was not an option. That became a bedrock lesson for me. I went on to complete a couple more degrees. Each time I had a tipping point moment. Knowing my why proved to be just as crucial during those pursuits as it was the first time.  My why is priceless and I bet yours is too. 


It Is Essential to Your Success

Understand why this passion/goal/resolution/vision has been inside of you. Your why will keep you going, no matter how you feel or the obstacles encountered on your path. To be unstoppable - like run through a wall, leap over a building, and become bulletproof (next level unstoppable) - hone in on your motivation. 


Savvy Businesses Know What You Don't

Corporations spend a lot of time and money to understand people. Getting to know the consumer is a top priority - how they think and feel as well as their wants and needs. Businesses capitalize on the fact that the majority of people do not consistently pursue their goals. We may break from our routines for a little while, but in many cases, we return to what's familiar. People are creatures of habit. 

Just imagine, putting in the same amount of energy companies do to get to know yourself. How powerful would you be? Making changes in your life is as much about recognizing your patterns as it is about setting goals. You can increase your successes in every area of life with personal research. Start mining. 

The result is a focused, determined approach to your life. Pursue your desires as if you were an elite athlete or the founder and CEO of a corporation, achieving a staggering degree of success. Get connected to your why. The source of your dreams. The thing that will keep you motivated. 


Get Started

Of course, there's a multitude of techniques and resources that can be used to assist you. An excellent book that covers this concept is Millionaire Success Habits, written by Dean Graziosi. In it, the author writes about going seven levels deep, peeling away everything that is superficial to get to your core motivation. On his website, Dean provides a free printable (under Book Resources) to help you with this exercise. If you are prepared to be vulnerable, it will change the way you think, understand and act upon your desires. 


Did I mention that there are only eleven months to go before 2018 comes to an end? Now is the time to act with intention. Get truly motivated, and experience the best year of your life :)  


Conceive it. Believe it. Achieve it!


Always the best,