Feeling Stuck in Life? Develop a Try Lifestyle

There are many ways that we can feel stuck in our lives- emotionally, in our heads, in the past, at work, in relationships. You name it, and someone has been or is currently stuck there. The good news is that we can get unstuck. And, one of the easiest ways to do so is through developing a try lifestyle.


As a kid, I tried ballet, modern dance, piano, the flute, guitar, karate, modeling, voiceovers, sewing, photography, and lots of other things. Some I pursued longer than others, but each experience added to the person I am today, and in more ways than I can convey in a single post. What I can say with conviction is that you, me, everyone should try more stuff, and quit more too. Yes, I said it. Quit more because success is not linear. We gather experience from many different places; learning, hopefully enjoying and repeating the process.


Life is a game, kind of like a scavenger hunt, one that is all about your experiences. As kids, we understood this intuitively. We explored the world gaining valuable tools like self-confidence, social skills, knowledge, flexibility and a greater sense of wonder rather than fear of failure. We were willing to test our limits.


What-ifs and Regret

Somewhere along the way, we lost our willingness to explore. Most likely it was due to outside influences espousing a play it safe philosophy. Regarding career, advice to pick one thing and stick with it has relegated more people to a life of bi-weekly security as well as boredom, and monotony. As a result, the world got smaller, and with that, many of us have become fearful of the unknown instead of blazing a trail into it. 


I've shared my story more than once, and if you'd like to read it click the link. God knows I've done it all the less adventurous way, and it wasn't fulfilling. Worse yet, I have regrets because of it. At this point in my life, I prefer to try stuff. I've come to enjoy the euphoria and frustration of trying something new. I'm not expecting any guarantees - success or failure are both possible, and that's okay. I've experienced both before and have come through unscathed. The thing is most of the stuff we fear are far worse in our heads than in reality.


Beware the trade-off of a pre-prescribed life which is an underdeveloped sense of self and a high likelihood of what-ifs. 


Take a chance and reconnect with your sense of wonder. It's not as risky a proposition. Everything is available to you to try, adopt or adapt or entirely discard. So, try more stuff that speaks to you on a gut level. Doing so will require an awareness of what is happening around you and a commitment to act only upon the things that make your heart flutter. 



Of course, this way of living is not for everyone. In truth, it's not supposed to be (like my aversion to the hustle and grind), because we aren't all designed the same. The ability to respond works best when your mind is firmly in the present, not preoccupied thinking about the past or envisioning the future or trying to adopt a philosophy that may be wildly popular, but is counter-intuitive to who you are. 



Getting unstuck has a lot to do with changing up our routines, and enjoying new experiences. Expect nothing because there are no guarantees. Just know that you'll find yourself in precisely the places you want to be. Where you chose to be - and happier (healthier and wealthier) for the experience. 


I'd love to hear about the catalyst for you getting unstuck. Share your comments below.


Always the best,