Self-Discovery Series: Is It Important To Find Your Tribe? If You Have These 3 Traits, Absolutely!

You've heard it at least a 1000 times. Find your tribe. But is it really that important? As with most everything in life the answer depends on you. Several weeks ago, when I first introduced the Self Discovery series, I mentioned there are three signature types, the Individual, Survivalist, and Tribalist (click the links to read more). Most of us have a dominant form with a sprinkling of the others which makes for some interesting plot twists.

Everything is going along smoothly, and all of a sudden it feels like a tangled mess of emotions and thoughts materialize out of nowhere. I know this from personal experience and it used to freak me out; until I learned my blueprint. After that, my view of (and approach to) my emotional health, the way in which I would communicate, and decision making changed. All for the better :) Maybe you're unaware of your blueprint and how to work with it, in which case things can get confusing when your less dominant traits come to the forefront. 

You hold the power to become the master of your existence.
— Unknown

So back to that question... is finding your tribe important? If you have the traits listed below, the answer is an emphatic YES! 


#1 - You feel genuinely responsible for others 

Education, transferring values, business know-how, and leadership skills, even cooking to ensure optimal health and nourishment are all underneath the umbrella of the Tribalist. Unlike the Survivalists, who are driven to make improvements for all of humanity, tribal people have a small group for which they take personal responsibility. The larger "outside" world isn't as important to them as their core group. If the inner circle is alright, they're generally feeling pretty good.


#2 You're a peacemaker and a warrior

Can you picture yourself as the wise elder or chieftain who speaks on behalf of the people? Others can. In most settings, even outside of your tribe and regardless of an official title, you're the designated leader of those around you. People pick up on your protective and nurturing energy, naturally gravitating toward it as a safe harbor. Forget the notion of just keeping your head down and going through the motions in whatever you do. You're far too talented for that! You can defuse explosive situations, re-establish order, and help cooler heads to prevail. And, although the warrior in you rarely has to come out because of your ability to disarm others and find solutions, when it does OMG look out. You're ready to engage in war if that's what it will take to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of your tribe.


#3 You feel the Need to be a part of the group

As if by a magnetic force, folks with predominantly tribal energy naturally gravitate to each other. Meeting new people and making friends are, for the most part, effortless. Tribers are hardwired to connect. But, If tribal energy is not your dominant type it can be tough to work with when it presents itself. For example, take the Individuals. These folks prefer to do their own thing with very little care or need for the group dynamic. When the desire for communal interaction comes to the forefront they're not always comfortable with it nor do they know how to work with it. First, remember that it's okay to be awkward while finding your tribe. The more you reach out, the easier it will become to connect so don't let being “different” or “uncomfortable" get in the way of finding your peeps. Be your unique, quirky, and complicated self. We all have much more in common than it may appear on the surface. 


It's not just a catchy-phrase. Finding your tribe has tremendous value. For those that naturally work with this energy, be patient with the rest of us. We're learning how to include folks in our lives in ways that are true to our unique design. When the desire to commune with others hits, don't resist it. Be open, even if it is "out of character." More often than not our internal clockworks are telling us exactly what we need for our current phase of life. Tune in and connect. 


Keep enjoying the journey!

Until next time,

- A.