Self-Discovery Series: This One's For The Survivalists

Virtually every post I write is focused, in some way or another on getting better. But sometimes it's difficult to understand how to do that. We all know what dissatisfaction feels like, but not necessarily how to create a better experience for ourselves. Hopefully, the Self-Discovery series will save you time and frustration as you learn what makes you tick and how to utilize that information to create and enjoy a full life.

In the heating and air conditioning trade, the point on the thermostat in which neither heating nor cooling must operate — around 72 degrees — is called “The Comfort Zone.” It is also known as “The Dead Zone.”
— Russell Bishop

Be prepared to expand! 

You may have heard this before, but it bears repeating. Not everyone is going on this journey with you. In truth, no one else is. It's for you to walk the path, so don't be surprised when others recede into the background or disappear altogether. Just keep doing your thing. 

When I think about the challenges I faced while trying to figure out who I am (at the core), and what I wanted out of life, it's no wonder I made very little progress for such a long time. One of my first hurdles - there weren't any people I knew who talked about "knowing or defining yourself." Those inquiries were met with advice to get a degree and a good job. Of course, that's not bad advice; it just missed the mark of what I was seeking. Additionally, anything outside of the box of traditional living and religion was taboo. Forget conversations dealing with energy work, meditation, yoga or the like, at least in my circles. I needed to broaden my sphere, a lot, to make headway. It was only then that I started to grow. 


Your unique design consists of the individual parts that make up your mix and how they come together is one of the essential lessons you’re to master. Understanding the many facets of who you are, and how to utilize that knowledge to navigate through the world is valuable; with it, you'll know the overall course for your life. And, if you focus your attention there, you will more clearly see the things that align with your makeup, how to tap into your energy in the most productive ways and pursue your dreams with gusto! So on to the next archetype, the survivalist.


The Survivalist - Communal Identity Archetype

In my mind's eye, when I imagine a survivalist, I see a rather good-looking man. He's rugged, a loner type. Someone out in the wilderness who's living off of the land. But, that isn't what I'm referring to here :) In reality, folks with this energy are interested in the strength of our communities. They are deeply committed to the direction, collectively, that human beings are heading and are very connected to the instinctual energy of survival; whereas most people only connect to it is specific situations (think fight or flight). 

On the low end, survivalists can be suspicious of others to the point of paranoia, and they may see things from an apocalyptic point of view. They can become fearful of change and tribal in their approach to it, frowning upon outside influences. On the high side, they welcome interaction and collaboration with others, recognizing the more people working toward a common cause, the better. The Survivalists have great foresight. They often see far in advance of others, even when something is drawing to a conclusion. In its high expression, endings are merely thought of as change (which is neither inherently a bad or good).


So while the idea above may be understood as a reference to a “higher” and “lower” expression, in reality, it is not to be recognized as something that is above or better and something that is below or lesser. It is a way of expressing the essence of creative force, which all emanates from the same source. The key is understanding where you are on the creative spectrum and the way in which you are tapping into your energy.  


Additional characteristics of the communal archetype that may also resonate: 

Observant – You pick up on repeating themes and patterns quite easily and are more apt to pick up on things before others do.  Folks with this trait make excellent researchers and scientists; being both organized and detail-oriented. 

Need Time – Although you can see distinguish patterns easily and quickly, that doesn't mean you have clarity about what those repeat themes mean for you or others. People with The Survivalist energy need time to gain clarity. In its low expression, it is common to have knee-jerk reactions to things which can be detrimental.  


Full of Knowledge – These folks are super smart with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They amass all kinds of information, theorize, and see the potential and future possibilities in almost every area they've acquired knowledge. The key for you is to share when invited to do so; if not, others can be overwhelmed. 


The Historians – Students of history, whether it be familial or some other area of interest. Their love of history goes hand-in-hand with the ability to see patterns. The accumulation of information over time offers another opportunity for you to work with your ability to perceive repeating themes and postulate about the future of humanity. 


Never underestimate the power contained in your blueprint! Knowing your dominant traits, how you process information, and the best strategy to use when it’s time to make life changes. All of these, including the high and low expression of your characteristics, will help you to understand yourself better. And with that knowledge, you’re ready to utilize the treasure within you to create your best life. 


Remember, you probably have some characteristics from one or both of the other archetypes too. Click the link below to read about The Individual model to see what influence it may have on your life or someone close to you:
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