Lessons Learned from Las Vegas

When mass tragedy strikes, like in Las Vegas, those of us that remain are often left asking questions. We ask of ourselves and others, “how something like this can happen?” Living the human experience necessitates that we analyze, theorize and attempt to understand even the most horrific things.  Here also, we want to learn. But, all too often our inquiries go unanswered. Mostly because we do not experience the world from the same viewpoint as someone that would seek to cause harm to themselves or others.


With a Complete Stranger

I had a conversation yesterday about the Las Vegas shooting. It started out very similar to conversations I've had before, post-Charlottesville, the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting, and other terror incidents that occurred in Europe this year. This time I had a more purposeful approach to our conversation. I reminded the individual that this is an opportunity for each of us to awaken to the collective goal, which is to raise our consciousness. One person in a few brief moments has indelibly left an imprint on many minds. If that can occur out of the worst intention, undoubtedly we can positively impact each other. We can set out to influence those in our lives, whether intimately connected to them or those on the periphery. You and I have an opportunity to bring forward love, peace, joy, compassion, and hope. And we can. It merely requires the willingness to be a vessel. To compound the Las Vegas tragedy would be to fall back asleep (i.e., to remain the same) until another spike event occurs, challenging us to approach life differently. At that moment, this stranger/new friend got the message! And frankly, so did I!


As for Me

I am cultivating a new framework from which to operate, driven by the desire to manifest a world that is better than what I see today. Questions I am challenging myself to answer are, what can I do to leave a positive impression on those in my sphere of influence? What can I do to stay present in this human experience as opposed to getting caught up in the mundane aspects of life or the ego? Here is where I choose to place my energy and action. 


What About You?

Your perception creates your reality. Living out of the belief that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket ensures that your experience will match the belief system you have created. You will be hard-pressed to see the beauty that is still present in this world. There is good occurring on a daily basis, and the fact is that you have an open invitation to co-create this reality. I hope that we learn to take this tragedy and use it as a springboard, catapulting ourselves into better relationships and authentic living. No act of terrorism, foreign or domestic, can take that from us.