Why The Hustle and Grind Mentality May Not Be For You

Have you ever wondered why some people connect with an idea and others are turned off by it? In a word, resonance. It applies to your tribe and pretty much everything else, plans, purchases, and concepts. Name it, and the vibe usually matters. For me, I just can't get into the hustle and grind mentality. 


In theory, it sounds good. Everybody's out there going after and getting theirs. But in reality, meh. It has nothing to do with putting in the work either. I can work alongside (and outwork) the best of people. But, energetically? That approach doesn't fit who I am. 



Hustling and grinding burst into our consciousness a few years ago and has managed to make an indelible imprint in a short period. T-shirts, books, articles, entrepreneurial systems, and podcasts featuring subject matter experts followed. Like most trends, it will reach the height of popularity (if it hasn't already) and eventually begin to wind down. 


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I liken it to what routinely happens in the fashion industry. New looks and color combinations emerge every season. We see things from a fresh perspective.  But, if we were to shop the complete look, we'd spend a boatload of money only to find ourselves looking like everyone else. No originality, just mimicry.  


As popular as the hustle and grind mentality is, it's not meant to be consumed whole. We shouldn't glorify busyness or view downtime as the enemy of advancement. Those that have bought into the lifestyle of neverending work wear it like a badge of honor. But, should they? Should you? I don't believe so. 


In fashion it's best to develop a staple wardrobe and add a few elements of the new, creating a signature style that's all your own. The same is true of mindsets toward success, happiness, money, hustling and grinding. 


When the next mindset, technique, or idea comes along utilize it as you would an accessory, a complement to the foundational understanding of who you are, your unique gifts, and a well-developed strategy. Approaching in this way helps you to avoid the pitfall of trendy thinking, and getting swept up in the next best thing; parting with your money needlessly, and seeing very few of the results you desire.


In truth, apart from a more balanced approach, the hustle and grind will only create burnout - mental, emotional and physical. And, even though it happens quite often, you rarely hear about that. 


Close inspection and critical thinking are vital, without those, you will be swept up by the next concept (already on the horizon) waiting to replace the hustle and grind mentality. So, examine if the ideas peddled will add value to and enrich your life. 



I've got a few ideas as to what's coming down the pipe, but the more significant point is that there will always be a fresh, hot, "latest and greatest" thought that enters the mainstream of our collective consciousness. Remember, these concepts are leading you somewhere. Usually to a purchase of some kind; a system designed to show you the essential elements that lead to success, a book or course. That's fine, and we should be open to the possibilities, but let's not go crazy, like little kids on the soccer pitch chasing after the ball in mass. It's funny as heck to watch a YouTube video of the team, but an organized, disciplined opponent would crush them. 


Similarly, many adults, running from one new idea to the next; equally excited and also underprepared. It's time to break that cycle.


Get a feel for where you are right now with some probing questions. Write down your answers and refer back to them often.   

  • What does success look like to you? Is it having more time, money, starting or expanding a business? 
  • What's your motivation? Without understanding this, you'll give up. Quickly.
  • Do people want to buy what your selling? Is there a market?
  • Regarding your approach to success, are you in the exploratory stages, gathering ideas and trying to find what resonants with you or have you developed a few key strategies that you're currently working? 
  • How will you track your success and recalibrate your plans, if necessary? In other words, how will you know if your course of action is working? 

If your answers appear to be unfinished, you're still in the strategy development phase. Take more time to tease out your objectives and strategy. Hustling and grinding shouldn't even be on the radar at this point. 


A few takeaways:

  • The same as in life, success in business is not a linear path. Expect the unexpected to occur and be willing to reimagine the vision as you receive new information.
  • Develop a 20-second pitch. It's important to share in a concise way what you do or desire. 
  • Talk about the journey you're on with those in your inner circle 
  • Play, laugh, rest, cry, get frustrated and angry, but keep moving forward 
  • Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Doubt is a dream crusher.
  • Encourage yourself and applaud your spirit of adventure 
  • Enjoy the journey  


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Always the best,