Entrepreneurs - You're Ready to Start Your Business

Does that statement bring up fears or do you respond, hell yes, I'm ready! If it resonates with you, then get to work because you are qualified to operate on the next level. The fact that you are comfortable with the idea of entrepreneurship and can see yourself as the man or woman driving the action forward is excellent. When you are mentally prepared, there is also an expectation that great things will happen, and new ideas/concepts/opportunities are forming all the time. You're attracting what you want.

For those that responded with trepidation

You're wondering what's going on and how to overcome your fears. First, it's important to recognize where you are. You still have some mental preparation to do. This is a period of crisis, meaning you are required to pivot (i.e., change) your thought processes. Read the linked article on how rich people think differently. At this point, you will either defer (if not give up on) your dreams or double down in pursuit of them. If you want to proceed, the way forward is to build confidence in yourself and nurture your vision. Now is the time to examine what may be holding you back and why. Ask yourself the tough questions. Sit with that fear and let it speak to you. Visualize the outcomes that you want and remind yourself that success is available to everyone, including you. Know it and stop throwing up roadblocks. There are enough challenges "out there" without you getting in your own way. Once you've conquered your thought life, you too will respond with an emphatic yes, I'm ready! 

10,000 hours

It's been said that it takes 10,000 hours of doing a thing before you master it. Turns out that's a bit of an exaggeration, although the concept of diligent practice is necessary. It's just not the most important factor for success. The key to the success of any endeavor is you. You are the X-factor, the special sauce, the mojo that makes it work. Of course, you must put in the time and build your structure, but it is equally important to believe in yourself. That's when the magic begins to happen. Remind yourself to keep going. Fear will present itself many times, but you can conquer it so don't stop. Seriously, never quit. Return to this post after a few months to comment on your progress. I would love to read your success story. 

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