5 Simple Tips to Finding Your Happiness

Happiness is a universal pursuit of all humanity. Each of us wants it or more of it in our lives. And, although happiness is a shared goal, how we envision it is unique to every individual. Thankfully, some touchpoints benefit us all and they can guide you toward finding your happy place.

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These tips are simple, yet profound in that they will help to shape you and at the same time encourage you to interact with others with no motive or purpose other than to make someone feel good. 


1. Start the day off right

Take a moment to appreciate who you are, the person you are becoming, everyone in your life, and all you have. The mind will try to intrude on this first moment of the day, attempting to run through a long list of stuff on you need to accomplish. Don't let it. Gently bring yourself back to the place of gratitude. You're setting the tone for the rest of your day so that when your feet hit the floor, you are satisfied that all is well; regardless of what occurs.


2. Nourish yourself

People often struggle with this one, but self-care is vital to your happiness. Every day carve out uninterrupted time to do something you love. Walk through the neighborhood, do yoga, meditation, listen to music and dance around in your underwear. If you get enjoyment from it, then do it. The act will feed your mind, body, and spirit. Create these moments of joy.  


3. Live from the heart

Authenticity is a word that gets batted around a lot these days, probably because collectively we need more of it. Too many of us are imposters; living counter to our desires, afraid to speak our minds or pursue our passions. If that describes you, know that the happiness you seek is that much more elusive when you aren't uniquely you. It's time to live authentically.  


4. Eliminate the negatives

Examine your thoughts and words, and interactions with other people. If you see patterns of negative thinking, speaking or behavior begin to replace them with positives. You won't be able to eradicate negativity all at once, but you can, over time, replace it with positivity. Happy people don't ignore negatives. They just don't dwell on them or make it habit to engage in conversations that highlight the gloom and doom scenarios in life. 


5. Focus on others

Look for opportunities to help someone else. It can be something as small as a smile, saying hello or sharing a hug. Every act of kindness brings happiness to you and to the person you touch. If you connect to the idea of being sunshine in someone else's life, your intuition will kick in, telling you how to help others. Listen to it and get ready to be a wellspring from which kindness flows.

Remember, happiness is a daily pursuit. It's not a destination or goal to obtain. The journey is filled with little moments, what you do in those moments is what makes it all worthwhile. Enjoy it!