Manifest Your BEST Life with These 8 Simple Steps!

Ready to manifest the best life ever? Heck yeah! We're all down for that. The challenge many people experience is seeing their desires come to fruition. This post detailing the essential elements of manifestation is for you.


Waiting to manifest your desires is remarkably similar to double-dutch, a game in which two long jump ropes are turning in opposite directions, jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously. Everything they want to engage with is right in front of them. But before jumpers can interact in the experience, they're on the outside observing; waiting for an opportunity to gain entry.  


Many people stall in the on-deck position of their manifestation while trying to figure out the rhythm and flow, and how to operate harmoniously in the zone between outside forces.  


Bridging the Gap between where you are and the place you want to be.

1. First, take care of everything in your life as if it were a precious treasure. In other words, be grateful for what you have right now. Your attentiveness to what is under your control (health and wellbeing, relationships, possessions) indicates that you're serious about being a good steward. The enormous blessings that you want to materialize must rest upon this solid foundation, without it, you will likely manifest unexpected (and unnecessary) challenges too.


2. Next, if you're expecting something as blatant as a gold-embossed invitation to join an exclusive club, it's not coming; at least not initially. The beginning stage of manifestation is subtle. Little things that peak your interest often appear, requiring you to respond. At this point, be open to saying yes to new experiences and then acting upon them. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right?


3. Let's address the misconception that only a select group of people are allowed to experience massive and sustained abundance. That's just not true. Some people understand these principles (more than others) and how to apply them in their lives. That's it.


Set aside thoughts about other people, unless you plan to glean from their blueprint (successes, failures, thought-process, etc.) to build your best life. Anything other than that is irrelevant. 


Begin to imagine a world in which everything is available to you, it's attracted to you, and that you're a generator of your wealth. The goal is to rewire the brain and remove from your psyche the idea that resources are scarce. Power Thoughts Meditation Club is an excellent resource for positive affirmations designed to renew your mind. 


4. Alignment of your thoughts, words, and actions is key to this process. If these essential elements are out of balance, it can delay your manifestation.


Visualize the locking mechanism to a door, and you standing in front of it with a key. If the key is not cut correctly or coded to unlock that door, then you can't enter. The same is true for alignment of your thoughts, words, and actions.


If you find a discrepancy between what you think, say or do acknowledge the mismatch. Be intentional.


Perform a quick scan of your thoughts and dismiss anything that doesn't align with your desires. Pause before speaking. If your words contradict your wishes, then eat them; reframe what you were about to say.  As these two pillars of manifestation begin to line up, you will also notice your actions change. Your dominant thoughts and words will affect your activities.


5. It's not what you see with your eyes or have in your possession, but instead, it's how you feel. That's the priority. The best way to develop the feeling of what you want to manifest is to spend time with your dreams. Allow yourself to think about it, to interact with it in your mind's eye. Let your imagination run wild. Experience the excitement, and satisfaction of accomplishing your goals.


6. Start speaking about yourself and your desires in the present tense. I am. I have. 


7. Stop asking when you're (fill in the blank) will show up. As long as you/me/we believe that our desires are off in the future, they'll always be there, just out of reach. Frustration is born out of this place, and that will only push what you want further away from you. Remember feels are a significant factor (#5).


8. What you believe about yourself determines what you manifest. 
Self-image, self-love, and knowing your worth are all essential. If you struggle with any of these things, it's possible to heal. I encourage you to get the Amplified Life pdf. I created it to help people clear out the junk that hinders them from living the life they envision. Click the link for your free copy. 


You Can Pierce The Veil  

The elements that will help you manifest everything has a lot to do with rising to a level that will allow you to connect with what you want. Let me explain.

I 10000% know that the Law of Attraction and manifestation work. Both are active in my life and have been for longer than I can remember. I used to randomly experience it but never understood the principles. However, when I decided to pull back the curtain to get the knowledge of how manifestation worked, and its practical application that's when my experiences became consistently magical. 


Remember, there isn't an exclusive club (#3). There really isn't. If you utilize the concepts of manifestation and abundance to realize your desires, they'll materialize, for you.


Comment below or message me directly with your success story. I would love for everyone to know these simple steps that will help them work cooperatively with the concepts of manifestation and abundance so like and share too.


Always the best,