10 Lessons from Nature About Your Happiness, Connectivity, and Success

It may not feel like it just yet but the arrival of spring (and with it, the promise of warmer weather) denotes a significant turning point in our lives. It's a reminder of birth and renewal not only to the scenery outside our windows but also the potential for new things to emerge in our lives. Nature is a master teacher, and if we take note of its lessons, we too can transform with the assurance that our lives are no less magical or awe-inspiring than any natural wonder.


I've chosen to highlight ten lessons, but there are many things nature can teach us about life. All of which should encourage you to be confident in your abilities, begin to trust the process and stop doubting that the outcomes you desire can and will materialize in your life.


1. Everything is cyclical

The phases do not conform to us, and we cannot stagnate as a result. That's a good thing. We should be aware of the benefits of each season and confidently transition with the phases of our lives. Expect times of renewal and digging deep to sow seed for the future during spring. You radiate with the intensity and brilliance of a perfect summers day. Embrace your beauty and shine. Like autumn there are times in your life when you will experience abundance and decay at the same time. Reap all the lessons of an experience that is about to end. The wisdom you gain will nourish you for the next phase of life. When the ground is hard, and everything falls away you're just in a different stage of the process. Get rid of the non-essentials and reserve your energy during winter. It's a time of self-reflection and shedding in preparation for what's about to bloom. Don't be anxious.


2. Be flexible

Balance and Truth.jpg

Although life is changeable, success happens in both the extreme as well as in favorable conditions. Thousands of species attest to that fact; teaching us not to give up, under any given circumstance.


3. Nature is impartial

It isn't biased toward one species over another.  Experiences such as grief, pain, and loss regularly occur in the natural world, impacting all, but there is no place for a victim mentality. There's a resolve to spring back from sorrow and disappointment. 


4. Use your instincts

Birds know when to fly south, baby turtles to head for the sea and puppies although blind instinctively know how to find the nipple and nurse. Human beings have inherent capabilities too. We, however, often disregard our intuition, feels, and senses all of which convey vital information in favor of logic (almost to the exclusion of all else). You have a powerful inner wisdom that you can trust. Are you ready to start using it? 


5. The Value of Simplicity

Live in the present. Life revolves around the rising and setting of the sun. It determines work, rest, and community gatherings; there's only so much that can be accomplished with the hours that are available. Nature is ruthlessly efficient with time. Are you? Scale back and declutter to focus on the priorities - the bigs. 


6. We all share resources

The elephant and wildebeest drink from the same watering hole. Trees shelter birds and small animals. They also clean the air, provide oxygen and food for everyone. Beetles convert animal dung to fertilize the ground which produces more vegetation and trees. Even the little things, like insects, are essential. We are all interdependent. You are not in competition with anyone. The resources you need will be available for you. Scarcity is an inaccurate view of your situation.  


7. Appreciate the beauty of little things

A bee pollinating a flower, butterflies in flight, and the peacefulness of a quiet Sunday morning. Take time to enjoy it. Happiness is about moments. It's not a destination.

8. Growth is inevitable, and nothing deters it

Nature is a constant reminder that growth is happening every day. You may not see it at first, but it is happening little by little until one day what went unnoticed becomes evident to you and everyone else. 


9. Give as nature does - freely and abundantly

Similarly, offer yourself. Be generous. We can always offer to help someone. To furnish a smile, a hug, some form of kindness, and encouragement is contagious. It spreads happiness and warmth in the lives of others.


10. Nature is uninhibited

It’s always in its best form (unless tampered with). It does not shy away. The bold colors speak for themselves. We too ought to be brave and uninhibited about our uniqueness. Allow your best self to show! You are beautiful!


Nature is consistent from season to season and year after year, providing a reminder to us of how the process of life works. The applications are hidden in plain sight. The only caveat is that you must be present enough in this experience to observe them and understand that the information revealed applies to you. The procession of seasons is certain, as is your provision, but until and unless you believe it you will not rest.