Don't Be Afraid to Make BIG Decisions. Here's Why!


Ever Wonder, Did I Make The Right Choice?

You made a decision, but you're still not sure if it was the right one. There are times when you question yourself; those brief moments of hesitation (creep in), and you wonder about that big decision you've made. I had that happen not too long ago, and it was awesome! 


In my case, after having accepted an invitation to a farewell party for an old colleague, I questioned the complete change of profession I made. It was the first (and only) time I visited my old stomping grounds. 


Spending time in that environment helped me to realize that everything about that part of my past was outdated. It just didn't fit who I was or where I'm heading at this stage of my life. I'm grateful for the knowledge and understanding that moment provided to me. The past has a way of confirming things for you. Doubts are laid to rest so that you can move-on, free from the attachments (you agreed to, and) that held you in that relationship, position or mindset for such a long time.


In Retrospect

The situation I came out of was challenging, and my choice to leave came with much angst initially. I've said this before, but it bears repeating for those that are in the midst of (making) a decision. In short, you cannot make a wrong choice. One road may be more challenging versus another, but the point is that whatever you choose the experience will provide you opportunities to learn about yourself and also either bring clarity to your purpose or align you to operate in the flow of your mission.  


There are many teachable moments from just about any situation, but for me, the three biggest are:

  • That our choices yield (precisely) what we believe we deserve, and that is not always in alignment with what we think or say we want. This point speaks to our energetic signal which is instrumental in creating the life we desire. To better understand this concept get The Amplified Life pdf. It's a free guide that easily explains what the signal is, how it works, and ways to improve yours. 


 This particular post in the  Drama-Free Living Series  is for people that want to understand the potential of their choices, remove fear from the process, and how to go with the flow.

This particular post in the Drama-Free Living Series is for people that want to understand the potential of their choices, remove fear from the process, and how to go with the flow.

  • Choices that take us further away from our best life help us to gain clarity about what we do not want. And, sometimes that is just as valuable as knowing what you want. It helps us to understand what doesn't feel right and that with which you don't wish to participate. These types of experiences allow us to cross things off of the list, as in been there done that - no thanks, and keep it moving. 


  • There is a path that carries you along. You've heard the saying, go with the flow. The flow is the opposite of hustling or grinding your way through. That is not to say that the path doesn't require effort. It most certainly does. However, the intent and feelings are very different. Remember if you believe you have to hustle or grind that is what you will manifest. The more attuned to your purpose and mission you are, the more apparent and straightforward how and what you need to do becomes. Beyond that, the steps you need to take will present themselves, at the right time, because you are in alignment. Now that's the road I want to travel! I encourage you to read The Path is Diverging for more on what you are attempting to access and ultimately manifest in your life. 


From the moment we become aware and can reason, these opportunities begin to present themselves. We can expect them many times throughout our lives. After all, what would life be like if it weren't full of choices, right? The sooner we learn to recognize what our options represent, and how to get better at making decisions the (better off and) closer we will be to manifesting our best life.


Always the best,