Drama-Free: People are Freaking Out About

What? Let me guess, the latest tweet. Maybe someone's been fired? The answer is yes. Almost all of the time. 


Now, even a quick scan of my blog will tell you that I rarely post about politics unless it's to promote conversation with those that share a different viewpoint from my own (read A Nation at the Crossroads). Beyond that, it's perplexing to watch folks drawing lines in the sand, and engage in name-calling, which is some of the least productive ways of accomplishing common goals. It doesn't work particularly well in government or any other context.


I mean, can you imagine bringing all that drama into your workplace on a daily basis?


Today though, I am breaking from my tradition of silence with a reminder for us all because the drama is real, lots of folks are freaking out, and for some, it's diverting their attention away from their goals. 


If Not You Then Who?

I want to encourage you, all of you, that decided 2018 was going to be different. I'm not talking about new years resolutions that have long since been forgotten or wishing for a sprinkling of fairy dust to magically change everything in the blink of an eye. This post is for the motivated ones. Those of you that started the year with a fire in your belly, keenly aware that your thoughts, words, and actions needed to change because what you desire is massive. And frankly, the status quo just won't get you to that high level. 

 Spring already?!!

Spring already?!!

We're three months into 2018, and I want to remind you to keep your eyes on the prize. To not get caught up in the minutiae. The distractions can slow you down, if not downright stop your forward progress. 


If we are truthful, we will admit that folks are stressed out, and hunger for stability. But instead, on an almost daily basis, we are bombarded with some headline, a tweet, or economic announcement that can feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster with more twists and turns than you ever wanted to experience. But the thing is the choice to engage in the drama, whether continually, periodically or never at all (although not recommended) is yours. 


Know that these stories speak loudly and unless care is taken to cultivate your life story, tune-in to your voice, and follow your path, the volume and frequency of the stories you grant access can drown "you" out. Further delaying your mission to fulfill your dreams. 


Notice that the stories that overshadow our pursuits originate, in most instances, from 3 categories:

  • Fear of the future, and who will be in charge
  • Outrage over the past
  • Hate. Some of it veiled, other stories are outright mongering.


The funny thing (not haha funny, but the sad kind) is that it doesn't matter where, particularly in the U.S., you get the news from, most media operates in these veins. If you were to believe it -the fear, outrage, or hateful narratives- we're in a near-apocalyptic situation. Every. Single. Day. These stories can steal your focus and keep you in an energetically low vibration. 


Your energetic vibe is more than I can cover in a quick post. To better understand it I put together The Amplified Life pdf. It's a free guide that easily explains why it's important, how it works, and ways to improve yours to achieve your vision of success. Follow the link to get yours.


Now Is the Best Time  

You're serious about making positive changes in your life, and there's no better time than right now to renew your commitment or give that little bit more if you've been on the journey but have slowed down. If worry has crept in, replacing the enthusiasm you were feeling with uncertainty about the future, allow yourself to put down that heavy load for a few days. One simple, positive (even dramatic) turn for the better that you can make today is to implement a media fast. Close off all avenues from which you routinely consume the news for three days. And trust me, if something goes haywire (we're talking above and beyond the usual craziness) you will not be able to avoid it. People everywhere will make sure you're in the know.


Why Three Days?  

Practically speaking, there's no need to ingest the stories on a loop, whether they be on CNN or FOX, or elsewhere. It's overkill. Chances are you already know how you will vote in the mid-terms and probably 2020. In light of that, three days to focus on you and your plans doesn't seem like a big ask, and it will yield a sweet reward. 


In the moment, it will act as a reset button, returning you to the place of intention and the priority to feed your vision of your best life right now. Your fast will also create a buffer between you and the things that steal your focus. In other words, the drama ;)


 This particular post in the  Drama-Free Living Series  is for folks enthralled by the political stories, and subsequent media coverage and commentary for all things coming out of The Beltway.   

This particular post in the Drama-Free Living Series is for folks enthralled by the political stories, and subsequent media coverage and commentary for all things coming out of The Beltway. 

And in the long run, the most impactful thing you can do for the betterment of your life is to achieve your life goals.  Keep your dreams and plans in sharp focus, and execute something that moves you closer toward them with the time you're gaining back instead of being sucked into the political drama.


In the end

Despite the stories conveyed through the media, your life is not at the mercy of a system whether it be economic or political, nor is it in the hands of a select few. It's yours to do what you will. Keep working your plan and doing the things you need to do. That will produce the best outcome. 

All the best,