5 Essential Tips to Create a Drama Free Life

Ok, you’ve been getting uber focused and committed to intentional living in 2018. I know the result of doing so in my life has been sensational. I hope you’re feeling and seeing the benefits too!

Although I have little desire to bring drama into my space these days that wasn't always the case. In my earlier years, I sought it out. God bless my parents for putting up with my sister and me. I'm sending a million posthumous thank-you's out into the universe for my Mom and Dad :) Dealing with two hormonal teenagers, in my opinion, is the definition of pain, and just thinking about the stuff we put them through makes me shake my head. It could not have been easy for them. 


Fast-forward a few years, and my penchant for drama and the emotional rollercoaster had worn off. In its place, a more mature and centered person was in development. One who didn’t get rattled by inner or outer turmoil very often. I'm usually the one to rally the troops, implement a plan to rectify whatever has gone awry and get everyone moving forward again. A skill that came in handy, on numerous occasions when I managed people. It’s good to have a person on your team, who when the $h*t hits the fan they can help right the ship. But, it’s even better to BE that person.


Creating a drama free zone in your own life is liberating 

If you haven’t arrived at the place where you are the master of your emotions and how the external world affects you, that’s okay. Recognizing the need to make changes and taking this journey together with me will help to get you there. Tell yourself; I’m in the process of improving. It’s a gentle way of saying, although I’m not where I want to be just yet, I’m getting closer. It's the seed from which your desire for change will blossom.


I intensively worked on drama in my early career. The workplace is one of the best learning environments for these types of issues. The different personalities and motivations people bring to their shared experience can bring harmony or chaos. One of the first management positions I held, my team was small, less than a dozen (mostly women), and these ladies could not stand each other. You guessed it. I was dealing with the chaos end of the spectrum. The gossip, alienation, and desire to see each other fail was shocking. I swear, they rivaled the drama on the TV show Dallas, during its heyday. Seriously.


Every day I would chip away at the mountain of hurt feelings and unpack the reasons for the animosity these ladies exhibited. By the end of that experience, we had created a high functioning team, full of people who genuinely respected and helped one another. The ladies transformed themselves and their relationships with each other blossomed. When my journey there was over, I reflected on it fondly. Even more than that, I left with the precious knowledge of how to eliminate drama from my life and how to help others do the same. 


The principles are universal

We were all experiencing drama, each from a different perspective. As the manager, i.e., the navigator to the other side of this suffering, it was my job to create an environment that was balanced, professional, and (although they didn't know it) more loving. 

After spending a couple of years rooting out the dysfunctional practices that flourished in that environment, I was able to replicate the same positive results in every subsequent leadership positions I held. The principles I learned as a leader were invaluable, working intensively with people was what I needed to understand how universal tenets work and to see them in action, again and again. 

I applied that knowledge outside of the professional setting, and the same successful outcomes would manifest.  I'm confident that you too can break free from the grip the drama syndrome has on your life also.


Remove the roadblock of drama

Over the next few weeks, we're going to tackle the drama syndrome head-on, and in greater depth from several perspectives including self-development and relational manifestations. Until then, I want to share with you the 5 essential keys that will help you to create a drama free zone in your life:  

  • 1. Acknowledge that you have agreed to and granted access to this experience. You can choose to have completely different feelings and interactions with others. 
  • 2. Take note of the feelings you experience after what you perceive to be a dramatic event. Are you on an emotional high? The rush from a thrilling exchange can be as addictive as coffee or chocolate.  
  • 3. Understand drama is a default program that operates for more profound reasons. If left unchecked, it can derail you from your highest and best life.  To break the power of this habit requires just a few focused tweaks.
  • 4. The signal you send out is what returns to you in the form of people and experiences. Transforming your energy is critical. 
  • 5. There is much we can learn from the drama in our lives. Make the mental shift away from struggle and failure with this habit and become an eager learner. You can improve upon where you are today and ultimately crush this beast.


Spend time reflecting on these keys. They will prepare you for the breakthroughs to come. And, get ready for the in-depth lessons that are coming in the next few days and weeks. If you haven't already, I encourage you to subscribe to H+C to receive the Amplified Life pdf. It is a free resource developed for those that are ready to transform their energetic signal and manifest their unique vision. When you sign up, you will also receive notifications of new Drama Free Life posts, and exclusive content designed to move you forward, step-by-step, to achieve your dreams. Until next time!

Always the best,