A Definition of IDENTITY That Will Change The Way You Live

Identity is an interesting concept to ponder. I used to think we're all made from a top-secret recipe and whatever it was it was unknowable. In time, I came to realize that not only could I know, but that it was in my best interest to understand my particular recipe. Your design, the individual parts that make up your mix and how they come together is one of the top 5 keys you’re to master. Doing so will exponentially broaden your world.  


Of course, we understand the concept pretty well, but view it as a rather insignificant detail. You/me/we all have signature characteristics (personality), got it, Angel. However, it deserves closer inspection.  Contained in the most mundane details and ordinary of places are the secrets to living your best life. Understanding the many facets of who you are, and how to utilize that knowledge to navigate through the world is one such mystery.



Wrapped up in our identity are the most significant questions, like who am I and why am I here. When considered, most of the things I thought of as a part of my personality (identity) weren't. Not really. They were only experiences I had or patterns of behavior that I developed. However, along the way, I assimilated them and began to attribute them to who I am. The same holds true for the feelings triggered by my experiences. Learning to release erroneous beliefs, separating me from my persona, was the starting point to unlocking the mysteries of my life. Yours might be different. But, almost everyone that is dissatisfied with how their life is unfolding will find themselves on this journey; seeking to achieve their soul's mission.


Over the next three weeks, in the Self Discovery series, we'll explore the three dominant identity types and their energies which subtly influence you. You may have a mix of all, but more often than not you have a dominant theme with a smattering of the other two.


First, a Quick Synopsis of Step #1

The process of self-discovery commonly beginnings with letting go of old things in your life; purging emotional wounds, relationships, jobs, all forms of clutter or waste to gain clarity on every level (spiritual, emotional, relational, physical). The higher the step up you’re attempting, the more baggage you can expect to jettison. Most everyone who committed to making a massive change in their lives in the past few years is wrapping up the demolition stage on their journey.

If you're just now coming to this place of recognition, don't worry. It's never too late to create a better you. Click this link for some helpful posts from The Letting Go series. 


The Second Thing That Happened… For Some

The act of shedding everything extraneous for this new phase coincided with the desire to be more authentic. We started calling ourselves out from the soul-level (the place where your treasure resides) for a complete overhaul to take place. Without step #1 we wouldn’t have been able to see with great clarity the BS in our lives. And, you/me/we simply cannot build anything of value on illusions; that type of foundation cannot support real change. Recognizing authenticity as a vital component to living your best life is a great sign. If this resonates, you're ready to advance your understanding of self, to live authentically and access your treasure. You also happen to be a part of the first identity type we’re highlighting in the blog series 😊. 


THE INDIVIDUALS - Those that march to the beat of a different drum

These are the folks that above all else need to live life on their terms. The Individuals are here to be different, and in the full expression of their uniqueness, they are happy. That is their heart’s desire, but the challenge for The Individual presents itself in the form of a lonely road. People with this blueprint have to come to terms with the fact that almost everyone else is on another course, surrounded by people.  


It took me awhile to gain that knowledge. For a long time, I masked my true self to fit in (read my story, Take a Deep Breathe, here); uncomfortable living that way, yet hesitant to change. Hopefully, it hasn't been as traumatic an experience for you. If you’re wired to be unique, it can be a tough road to walk. You might think you're out of sync when everyone else is going left, and you feel right is the best direction for you. You'll question yourself, wondering what “they” know that you don’t and may lose confidence in your internal compass. These doubts and almost always happen to those that conform (often) instead of going their own way. You're a fish out of the water, or a koala in a Panda suit or an alien dropped off to Earth feeling as if there's no way to return to the stars.  


If you’re conscious of these feelings, you can modify your behavior to better align with your true nature. But, if you’re unaware of the origin of your discomfort, your attempts to fit in will only amplify your dissatisfaction, and from that perspective, it’s harder to see with clarity and make adjustments. Having experienced this both ways, I can tell you understanding your blueprint makes all the difference. 


There is Nothing Wrong or Right, Good or Bad About Being Highly Individual

The key to understanding this approach to life is that the energy that fuels you has both high and low expressions. A classic example would be a narcissist exhibiting the lowest expression of The Individual; self-involved to the point that he or she may see people merely as chess pieces; manipulating others according to their needs or enjoyment. On the other hand, a high expression would be someone that feels comfortable speaking freely, regardless of the opinions or potential backlash they might get from others. Understanding the broad spectrum of expression is crucial, and how to move your energy from a lower to high expression so that it works for you, consistently. 


Covering the entire list of attributes is not possible in a single post, but here are a few additional characteristics that may also resonate: 

  • Intuitive – you read people very well, especially their voice; subtle changes in tone, even the words others use can provide insights
  • Introspective – Because you have a different view of the world than the majority of people you don’t readily share your perspective. You’re not sure why you see things as you do, and you may struggle to trust your path as well as feel alone.  In its low expression depression is possible.
  • Highly Energetic – You have a deep well from which to draw when others need to recharge. The key for you is to use your energy strategically.
  • The Multi-tasker – It is natural for you to have several irons in the fire at once, and you manage them all very well. This ties into the energy reserves that you possess.
  • The Influencer – The energy you carry affects others, who observe you and often co-opt your approaches in an array of areas. Your wisdom, when asked for, is well received.


Think of the time/frustration/energy it would save if we taught kids this type of information in addition to the standard curriculum. It would have benefited me to know that I tend to run forward into things emotionally, which is the lowest expression of my individuality. Some folks are designed to be spontaneous, but I'm not one of them! I can’t tell you how many times I found myself regretting a decision made in haste. In its highest expression, it’s best for me to wait at least a few days to process my emotions. To see if my excitement for something new remains consistently high, and at that point move forward. 


Never underestimate the power contained in knowing your dominant traits, how you process information, and the best strategy to use when it’s time to make life changes. All of these, including the high and low expression of your characteristics, will help you to understand yourself better. And with that knowledge, you’re ready to level up. 


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Until next time, when we’ll look at the second identity type. 


Always the best,