Are You Ready To Break Free From All Limitations?

If I had a nickel for every time I heard the message, "you create your reality," I'd have a lot of coins to take to the bank! Do people still deposit change at the bank? Anyway, the point is, although I heard it often enough (I'm sure you have too), I needed to have an experience that would allow me to connect with the idea of creating my reality. And when it happened, those four simple words offered a teachable moment that, metaphorically speaking, blew my mind. I kid you not. It was a game changer; like when I realized that guy I dated for far too long wasn't the one. 



I was sitting in my office, watching a vlogger who chronicles his travels. Such videos used to help quench my thirst for travel 😊 He crisscrossed the globe, landing in Africa (which is where I’ve always wanted to go). I was getting into the experience he shared of his time there; right up until he started talking about the in-country costs for his trip, and I thought, nope. I even stopped the video and scrolled on to the next thing, dismissing it entirely. 


As if a light came on in a dark room that was THE moment I experienced what it meant to create your reality. I became aware that I was throwing up roadblocks in front of the very things I had wanted to do and have. It wasn’t about the expense or time or anything else. It was the fact that I wouldn’t even allow myself to entertain new ideas and opportunities. I quickly scrolled back to the video and resumed watching, then I began to dig into my initial response to the idea of a trip to Africa and discovered two of the most detrimental limitations operating in my life. The first, I had been running on auto-pilot. Until that moment, I was darn near oblivious to the way in which the mental chatter in my mind was governing my actions. And, the second was identifying with those thoughts as if they were me. 



Be present. Commit to being aware of the mental chatter. Meditation usually helps, but it’s not the only thing you can do. Start with allowing yourself moments of respite, times when you do absolutely nothing. Slowing down, even a little bit, will enable you to tune into the chatter. In time you become more aware of the inner monologue and how it shapes your world. In my case, how they (the thoughts) were dismissing viable options and that I was going along with the program. Notice the use of "they" and "I" in the previous sentence. Random stuff crosses your mind all the time, but you are not your thoughts. However, when you're on auto-pilot like I was, you're missing opportunities to identify and address limiting thoughts and beliefs. Over time it compounds, creating a kind of internal tension because you're not experiencing the life you desire. And that's when frustration starts to set in.


Start imaging what you could do, have, and experience without the self-sabotage! Focus your attention there. Whenever those limiting thoughts show up (and they will), you’ll be more aware of them and better able to reorient your mind toward healthy, life-affirming, and limitless possibilities.


As for me, it turns out the cost was quite reasonable for the opportunity to experience an adventure halfway across the globe! So, I took action. That long-awaited trip to Africa is on the calendar for 2019!


Until next time,