This Father's Day Honor the Unsung Heroes

Guys, if you have a plan, it's time to revamp it because all the good stuff you're doing is being overlooked. The more I think about it; I’m struck by how underrated male role models are. The fact that the good ones are lowkey when it comes to highlighting their contributions isn’t helping to spread the message of their awesomeness either. So, I’m writing this post for the good guys; the coaches, teachers, step-dads, grandparents, and mentors. In addition to our biological dads (read the top 7 lessons my dad taught me here), these father figures fulfill a much-needed role in our lives. And, I guarantee they have contributed to the fabulous person you are today!


1.       Step-Dad 

The blended family can be a tough dynamic to master because there are so many people involved and moving parts to consider. But, there’s no doubt that step-fathers play an extraordinary role in their stepchildren's lives. Honor your partner for their character, and thank him for all the support he provides. Your children might not see it just yet, but they will. Good guys finish first, despite says to the contrary!


2.       Brothers Make Great Dads

In my childhood home, it was my father and “the girls.” But for a few years, my cousin lived with us too. My father was the man in his life, providing love, guidance, and structure at a time when he needed it most. If you have a close relationship with your male siblings, odds are you have loved watching them embrace their role as a father to their nieces and nephews. Give your brother a small gift, a card, a photo of him and the kids, or a big hug along with a word of thanks.


3.       Grandpa

Another of the unsung heroes and perhaps the most overlooked of them all; the grandparents who take on roles that are traditionally held by the parent. They know what it means to sacrifice. They’ve given more to and for everyone else than they’d ever do for themselves. Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation for what he has done for you and your kids.


4.       The Good Guys

Teachers, coaches, neighbors, friends’ parents – often, adults outside our family network show up in extraordinary ways. These fathers by choice, who serve in ways that are greater than themselves, leave impressions that continue to resonate long after your childhood and young adult years. In a previous incarnation, my husband was a teacher and coach. On occasion, we’ve crossed paths with these (now grown) men who will recount stories of how the conversations they had or the encouragement they received made all the difference. If you were fortunate enough to have a male role model like that, one that gave his time and attention expecting nothing in return, send him a Happy Father’s Day or Thank You card and let him know how grateful you are.


Heroes We See You-min.jpg

Experts agree, and research proves that a loving and nurturing father has a profoundly positive impact on the life of a child.  The father/male role model-child dynamic changes through the years, but the effects last a lifetime. At its best, the lessons learned are passed down through multiple generations, fueling the upward trajectory of the people who benefited from the commitment (love, kindness, sacrifices, wisdom, and involvement) of these wonderful men. The emotional, social, and academic benefits are also well documented.

Honestly, these details escape you as a child. All we really notice are the feelings a great role model creates - joy, security, peace, confidence, and so forth. It is only in adulthood that we gain a broader understanding and deeper appreciation of the men in our personal lives and those in the community. So, let’s highlight these unsung heroes too. In fact, there’s no need to wait until Father's Day. Today’s a great day to let these extraordinary gentlemen know their presence, showing up and staying the course made a tremendous impact. We see you and honor your commitment to helping build children of distinction, with or without the title of dad.


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