Intentional Living: 3 Keys to Never Worry Again

Wouldn't it be lovely never to worry?! Not about money, family, health, jobs or the myriad of other things that consume our thoughts. Worry contributes to high-stress, depression, fear, and many sleepless nights. None of which you or I want in our lives. At some point, it has affected us all. But, does it have to? Really? As much as 85% of the stuff we stress over never happens. 85 percent! It’s time to set a new intention and change our relationship with worry. 

First, Out With The Old

Setting a new intention is crucial, but so is getting rid of our old ways of operating. We’re not trying to build a new house on a cracked foundation! So, take a moment to clear from your body the tell-tale signs of worry and stress. First, acknowledge the problems that have plagued you and then visualize them drifting away in a canoe. They’re heading downstream of a river never to return. Take a deep breath in, and as you watch that canoe float away exhale, releasing the tension in your body - the tightness in your shoulders and jaw. Unclench your teeth, and feel yourself unwinding as if it were a Saturday morning with nothing to do and no place to be. Let everything just melt away. Now smile. 

Enjoy this moment. It’s great to reconnect the mind and body to a state of harmony. Soak up the feeling and commit to experiencing it daily. When performed often, this exercise helps to create a peaceful mindset, leaving little room for worry and tension to take root.

Set Your New Intention

Your answer to one question will largely determine your relationship with worry. Where are you going to spend your life - in the past, present or future? I hope you chose to live in the moment. Now, if that idea conjures up images of flaky folks who shrug off responsibility in favor of frivolity, set those thoughts aside. That picture is a complete misrepresentation of the truth. Living in the moment is merely another way to communicate the concept of mindfulness. The ability to be present/conscious in your life. 

If you're overwhelmed with worries, you are likely experiencing life from the perspective of both the past and the future. In the sense that you believe past experiences or choices are leading to an uncertain (negative) future. Spending your mental energy this way is counterproductive to your mission. If you didn't know, you do have a purpose to fulfill. In this situation, your mission is to exercise a higher level of command of your vessel. It’s time to regain control of your mind and body. Commit, right now, to living in the present. 

There will be times when you slip back into worrying ( I know I do from time to time), and when that happens, I want you to return to the river, stick that old problem in another canoe and send it on its way. Take yourself through the exercise of releasing the tension from your body once again. Get back to the place of harmony – mind, and body working in partnership for your highest good. Remind yourself of the commitment you made, to live in the present. And, celebrate the success you have had over worry, even if it's only 30 seconds at first. You'll crawl before you walk, and after a while, you will run. Celebrate. Every. Victory.

Return to The Source

Addressing the source of our issues, not just the physical symptoms, requires that we develop a better understanding of our mindset and the choices we’ve made as a result of it. 

Make a (worry) list or create a bullet journalof valid concerns . You don't want to include trivial stuff like if someone likes you or anything on par with that. Now ask yourself, if given the opportunity, what if anything you would do differently and why? Jot that down too. You also want to think about the frame of mind you were in when making some of these choices. Were you pressured, fearful or needy, or confident and informed? When your objective is to obtain higher insight and for personal development, it’s good to revisit past decisions. You’re mining for information that you can apply now as well as for use in the future. 

With practice, you can remodel your brain and create a balance between your physical, emotional, and mental states. That balance will come in handy when worry tries to bulldoze its way into your life. Also, know that there will be many opportunities to make better choices. Life is full of them. If you have worked these steps when those moments do come, you’ll be ready. 

Finally, it’s good to remind yourself that this is a journey of self discovery and for your learning. Overcoming worry is possible. You will get better at it too.

Always the best,