Spring 2018 - A New You is Born

The change of season, especially spring is a time of celebration. In case you're wondering spring officially begins on March 20th. Just three days away! We're finally coming out of the winter months; the hibernation period which is a type of death, to emerge brand new.  


I was thinking about the transition to spring when I started to daydream about my grandmother. She passed away last year. She was well into her nineties and a beautiful soul. After her, I started thinking about my parents both of whom have since passed on. Then my sister and me. Neither of us had children nor do we have any other siblings. 


We're the last of the Mohicans

It freaks my sister out. She interprets this new phase of life as being erased from existence on this planet because there's no one left to carry on our name. As for me, I see things differently. It's weird not having my elders around anymore, but the idea of our legacy isn't a big deal. Probably because I never wanted to have kids. I figured that out during my babysitting years :)  


When I think of my family members that had since gone on, it's a reminder that I've lost my historians. My parents and grandparents knew my entire history from day one on this planet. They would tell stories about me, from before I was knee-high to a grasshopper or had a kernel of self-awareness or common sense in my head. 


Having smart, wise, funny, beautiful souls around me, assisting me along my journey was amazing. They were a BIG part of my navigation system, and without them, I felt rudderless. 



In All Honesty

It took me a while for me to emerge from grieving my historians. My winter was very long, and although I didn't realize it I had a lot of stuff to work through. But, springtime has arrived, and with it a new view of our relationship. The rest of the tribe has gone ahead to a new place or another dimension if you prefer. Big sis' and I will see them again. I'm sure. In the meantime, I know they'd be proud; all the wisdom they imparted has significantly contributed to my well-being, and I'm thriving as the chief navigator of my experience now. 

The story of death or passing on, as we politely call it, is not one of finality. It's merely moving, the same as you and me, for example, if we were to relocate from an apartment in New York to a bungalow in LA. Unlike us, we can pack up our possessions and take everything to the next location; our kinfolk can't bring anything! 


Of course, we all know this, but if you stop to ponder on it (I mean really sit with that thought for a while), that realization is a game-changer. It ties so perfectly into one of our principal missions. To unload the garbage experiences - our offenses, expectations of others, sadness, anger, material possessions, or whatever it is - because it can't go with you to the next level. And there's always a new level, as the procession of the seasons, providing us with the opportunity to shed, continually, the old junk we've accumulated.


Our relationships with ourselves, other people and things should get worked out, as much as possible, in our lifetime. Don't sleep on this.


If we choose to hold on to the baggage, and some people do, the experiences we have in this life will likely produce more difficulty than would've been necessary if not for the burdens (or habits) we didn't release. Like the dreariness of winter, our challenges will often hang around much too long.

Move with the flow. Don’t fight the current. Resist nothing. Let life carry you. Don’t try to carry it.
— Oprah Winfrey


At some point, we are going to have to start trusting the voice inside of ourselves (and the safety net that is all around us). Both yours and mine are saying; there's a way available to us that flows like the current of a river. One way in which we access it is by letting go. 


It's Springtime

Whatever you may be holding on to, right now, this is the perfect time to release it. When you chose to uncouple yourself from the outdated things that you've allowed to reside with you then the energy of your life changes. You'll also have greater clarity of thought,  purpose and corresponding action. What you're looking to accomplish will unfold naturally and with greater ease. 

Angel (8).jpg


This life is meant to flow in your favor for however long you're here. My tribe members who have gone on before me, those dear beautiful souls, they taught me that too. 


I'm looking forward to the emergence of new things in our lives during this season of celebration! 

Always the best,